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How to add Safe Mode to Windows 10 Boot Menu?

Do you know about the term Safe Mode? The Safe Mode refers to an alternate boot method for all the Windows operating system devices, which makes it easier for users to identify problems or issues easily. There is only one start-up programs which are loaded in the display are operating system and drivers for the mouse, keyboard, and display mode.

However, Safe Mode is a very special setting in the windows 10/8/7 which is usually used for troubleshooting and also for the system diagnostics. It will allow all the users to easily troubleshoot those issues or errors which cannot be fixed in the regular desktop mode. It is the only reason that Microsoft has very much sure about this Safe Mode features. Although it is not even directly available, it can be accessed by clicking the keyboard keys like F2, F8 or using the msconfig., but it totally depends on your computer system.
Here we provide you few simple steps of how you can add Safe Mode to Windows 10 Boot Menu. The steps are very easy but you need to follow in a given sequence for avoiding trouble, and it will also save your much time and takes fewer efforts.
Steps to Add Safe Mode to Windows 10 Boot Menu
Now the Windows 10 has an Advanced Start-up feature which allows the users to directly boot into Safe Mode even without restarting your computer system and then clicking on the special key several times. However, it is great to add it as a feature or option.
1. From Windows +X menu, choose “Command Prompt,” to launch CMD.
2. Type the given below command, then click on “Enter” tab.
· bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Safe Mode”
3. Alternatively, “The entry was successfully copied to {74a93982–9486–11e8–99df-00270e0f0e59}” message will pop-up on the screen.
4. Finally, the commands add the Safe Mode entry in the Boot menu which signifies that you can boot Windows directly in that Mode.
Verify Boot Menu Added to Windows 10
To confirm that the Safe Mode was added to the boot menu, you will need to follow the given below steps:
1. Launch “msconfig.”
2. Now, use the “Configure Boot Settings” for the Safe Mode entry.
3. Under the Run prompt, type “msconfig” to continue.
4. On the other hand, toggle towards the Boot tab, and then search for Safe Mode option. It is located in the right under the default windows 10 app.
5. Now, you need to choose the “Safe Boot” option. Also, choose Minimally.
6. Again, Choose the “Make all boot settings permanent” option.
7. Once confirmed that the timeout would increase to approx 10 seconds.
Correspondingly, you can easily add the Safe Mode with Networking and also with the Safe Mode with Command Prompt entries option.
· Select “Network” option, for Safe Mode with networking.
· Select “Alternate Shell” option, for Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
When the process is completed, Click on “Apply” tab and finally, restart your system.
Hopefully, you will saw the changes in your Boot menu settings.
John Martin is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Samuel has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup.

User Archive, Sweep and Move To Tools to Organize Outlook Inbox

A collection of many unsolicited commercials emails to newsletters, unscrupulous spammers send their mails in volume. Nowadays, the increasing instances of this trend are damaging the efficacy of emails. Sometimes users required so much time in finding, deleting or reading such emails, but the companies like Microsoft always offers spam detection algorithms which freely become accustomed to spam trends, and it can also help you in minimizing your experience and also restore your email sanity. While using the Outlook.com user are allowed to keep their inbox clean with some enhanced User Interface features like Sweep, Archive and also Move To.

So here we provide you about the features in details and few simple steps which will help you in organizing your Outlook.com inbox with Archive, Sweep, and also Move tools. Below we discuss the process, but you need to follow in a given sequence to avoid trouble, and it will also save your much time and takes fewer efforts.
About Sweep, Archive & Move Tools in Outlook.com
Sweep (Delete)
This sweep feature is very much helpful in De-cluttering, organizing and managing your inbox easily. Users can use this feature to quickly delete all unwanted or unnecessary email in your inbox by,
· It has Configuring options to delete all incoming email from a specific sender automatically.
· It keeps the latest emails and also deletes emails which are older than 10 days.
· You can also choose an email message directly from the sender whose message you want to delete.
For using these features, you just need to follow a few simple steps; they are as follows,
1. From the Menu tab, choose the “Sweep” option.
2. Select “how you would like to handle email from the sender” option.
After this, this feature will automatically work on your system and to complete the process follow the prompt instruction.
By using the Archive feature in Outlook, you can easily store your messages in the default archive folder or also categorize all emails by applying filters directly to the search result.
1. Once you apply Filters on it, then you need to select a message which you want to Archive.
2. Alternatively, Choose Archive. It is located under your Archive folder.
3. Now, select Archive option.
Hopefully, your emails have been Archive in the Archive folders. And by this, the whole process of archiving email is finished here.
Move To
If you want to move or transfer your email messages from its original location to any new folder or any other place, then use the Move To features in your Outlook. Com. For doing this follow the below-given steps carefully and also in a given sequence to save your time. The steps are discussing below:
1. Select all messages from one sender and move the entire received message to another folder.
2. On the other hand, click on “Move To” tab.
3. Subsequently, drop-down the arrow closest to the “Move To.”
4. Then, select “New Folder” option.
5. Finally, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to move all messages that received from sender to another folder easily.
Hopefully, the details above will help you in any way either to apply on your emails or just for the information point of view.
John Martin is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Samuel has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as norton.com/setup .


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